About us

Windkracht beheer B.V is a small company well situated in the South Western part of the Netherlands. The company is as green as possible using solar energy for power, driving a zero emission full electric car, and using a heat pump for heating up the building. Within the company the knowledge of turbines from different manufacturers is well present.

The company owner, Aad Hijdra, is well known within the wind industry and started his wind career in 1995 with the company Micon followed by NEG Micon. His colleague, Rinke Hoogesteger, has worked for several years for Vestas and Nordex. So an Enthusiastic, flexible, 24/7 reachable, wind turbine minded team.

Our portfolio : Operational management

  • Windfarm Willem Anna Polder    10 NEG Micon NM52 900kW

  • Windfarm Jacoba Rippolder         5 Nordex N90 2500kW     

  • Windfarm Roosendaalse Vliet      3 Vestas V90 3000kW

  • Windfarm Kats 2                           3 Vestas V90 3000kW    

  • Windfarm Noordpolder                 4 Enercon E-82 2500kW

  • High voltage responsible management

  • Windfarm Hartel 2      8 Alstom Eco 110 3000kW

  • Windfarm Zierikzee    3 Senvion XM 3400 kW

    Cooperative management

  • Windfarms of cooperation Zeeuwind 2 x Vestas V52, 2x Enercon E-82, 3x NEG Micon NM52 Various

  • Owners-Inspections for several windfarms in the Netherlands.

  • Project support for new en existing windfarms.        

  • Special Inspections such as Take over, End of warranty, Oil Filter Analyses and thermographic inspections

  • High voltage installations inspections.

  • Also small solar plants are designed and placed on several locations in the South Western part of the Netherlands.