Electrical inspections

What is a Scope 8 inspection?

Most companies are familiar with the NEN 3140 inspection for electric hand tools and think they comply with the legal requirements
as stated in the ARBO wet. However, the electrical installation at your company must also comply with the Working Conditions Act!

See below the quotation from the ARBO Wet article 3.4

Article 3.4. Electrical systems

1. Electrical installations shall be designed, set up, laid out, maintained and marked in such a way that the safe use of electricity is ensured as far as possible..
To this end, the necessary provisions and protective measures have been implemented. In doing so, account has been taken of special requirements that may arise from the manner of use,
the conditions of use, the expected external influences and maintenance work.

2. In an electrical installation, effective measures have been taken against the danger of fire, explosion, direct and indirect contact and overly close approach.

3. Clear, up-to-date diagrams are available for every electrical installation and all other data necessary for the safe use of the electrical installation.

4. The third paragraph does not apply to low-voltage electrical installations for low voltage. Also in the civil code, mention is made of the duty of care of an employer
for safe working conditions.

See below the quotation from Civil Code Book 7 - Article 658 (July 18, 2016)

"The employer is obliged to set up and maintain the premises, tools and tools in or with which he performs the work, and to take such measures and to give instructions for the performance of the work and to provide instructions as reasonably necessary to prevent the employee from suffering damage in the performance of his activities Lastly, the new scope 8 methodology, supplemented with thermo graphic, research and then specifically for inspections of electrical installations, is often the best method for fulfilling conditions from your fire insurer.

Why should I, as owner, have this inspection carried out?

Our previous inspections show that many organizations do not or hardly pay any attention to this, and have the idea: It all works anyway? However, it appears that 1 in 3 fires in the Netherlands are generated by electricity. These fires could in many cases have been prevented by inspection and maintenance of the installation.

As an installation owner, who has periodically carried out an inspection, you can demonstrate that you meet the obligation to operate the electrical installation safely (duty of care). This can be crucial in the event of an accident. Another advantage is that operational reliability increases and possible (fire) damage is prevented. What if there are shortcomings from the inspection?

How do I deal with this then?

The starting point is that as a client you get a good picture of what needs to be improved and with what urgency. The report does not provide solutions, but observations. Depending on the type of defect, you can repair the defect yourself or have a recognized installer carry out the repair work.

Windkracht Beheer and Inspections B.V can take care of this inspection for you!